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The Way the Crow Flies
Ann-Marie MacDonald
Random Canada 0676 97408 2
$37.95 Fiction

A Novel of nostalgia, secrets and sins, The Way the Crow Flies is the story of a nine year-old girl whose life is turned upside down when a classmate is murdered and a young teen is suspected of the crime.

Loosely based on the case of Stephen Truscott, this story is filled with humour, horror, guilt and redemption. MacDonald writes with a grace and passion that delights. Her characters are so finely drawn and so full of human folly that they seem much more than creatures of imagination, they come alive.

Fans of the 1996 novel Fall on Your Knees and other great works of literature will not be disappointed.

Recommended by Kerry

  Mirror, Mirror
Gregory Maguire
ReganBooks 0 06 039384 X
$34.95 Fiction

Gregory Maguire has done it again! Like his previous books, Wicked, Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister and Lost, Maguire has taken a classic and beloved tale and worked his magic through reinterpretation. In this latest work Maguire revisits Snow White, here named Bianca de Nevada, who is left alone when her father is sent off in search of the legendary tree of life. Bianca is left at the mercy of Lucrezia and Cesare Borgia who have a dubious and unscrupulous reputation for getting whatever they want, by any means necessary. When Bianca is driven out of her home she is taken in by seven dwarfs, the creators of a magic mirror.

This is a novel of perception, what it means to see and be seen and how these perceptions define who we are and our place in the world.

With the Broadway musical Wicked now playing in New York, Maguire's work is sure to get some much deserved attention. Like Angela Carter, Maguire has taken worlds that we are familiar and comfortable with and turned them upside-down. I encourage everyone to pick-up one of Maguire's books and explore the tale untold.

Recommended by Andrew

  Mr Golightly's Holiday
Salley Vickers
AFourth Estate 0 00 715647 2
$34.95 Fiction

Once a renowned writer of fiction, and currently a successful businessman, Mr Golightly decides to take a much needed holiday in rural England in order to write another novel and hopefully rekindle his earlier publishing success.

Vicker's third and most recent novel is written with subtlety, lively wit and compassion. Instead of the solitude he planned, Mr Golightly is drawn into the life dramas of the local townspeople. As the story evolves the reader begins to wonder about Mr Golightly's past and the death of his beloved son.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and still reflect on some of the evocative images created by this talented and original author.

Recommended by Nancy

  The Interpreter
Suki Kim
Picador 0 312 42224 5
$20.00 Fiction

This first novel by a Korean-American author of talent is a striking and poignant tale of family drama. As she nears her thirtieth birthday, Suzy Park begins to reflect on her past, and what a tragic past it is. As a young woman Suzy is disowned by her strict Korean parents when she begins to date a married, white professor. After four years of estrangement, Suzy is shocked to learn that her parents have been murdered in their greengrocer shop in an apparently random attack. At the funeral Suzy is even more upset to hear her sister, and only remaining relative, tells her not to try to contacting her again.

Five years after the funeral, at the age of twenty-nine, Suzy is working in the New York court system as an interpreter when a series of coincidences leads her to re-examine the murder of her parents.

A wild ride of intrigue, deceit, regret and the powerful bonds of family. Suki Kim was written a novel which is more than just a murder mystery, it the story of a woman examining the shreds of her past to make sense of her present.

Recommended by Kerry